The ultraportable HD Ultrasound Unit

Anytime, anywhere, an advanced diagnostic tool at your fingertips to go further than a simple palpation


When Ergonomic rhymes with mobility

U-lite fits in your pocket, and in your hand. Completely intuitive interfacing, multi-touch screen: sharp, clear imaging at first glance.
No longer do you need years of experience, nor the ability to fly an airplane, to master this simple ultrasound device.

Optimal Image Quality

U-Lite incorporates all the functionalities of a complete ultrasound device
In all modes of use, the settings are already optimized for you by the finest French specialists.


In less than 10 seconds, U-Lite is ready to scan, for an ever more precise diagnosis.

Protocolled Applications

There is a U-Lite for each specialty. A specific application using a clear, precise and standardized exam protocol for each exam type.

Diagnostic Power

All Doppler modes.
Multi-frequency electronic probes with high-density elements.


Created with the latest numeric technologies, U-Lite is the first ultraportable HD ultrasound unit in the world. Its eco-conception brings you the lowest energy consumption level of the market without loss of resolution.

U-Lite: an ultrasound unit for each practitioner

100% French conception and manufacture, U-Lite assures that you are always at the cutting edge of technology in your medical practice.

They have been convinced

World-wide, from hospital specialists to office practitioners, including ambulatory medicine, U-Lite offers new horizons for ultrasound technology.

  • Jason Birnholz

    « The U-Lite is possible because of the exact mating of the latest developments in transducer design, efficient programming, and hi def displays »

    Jason Birnholz

    MD, FACR, FRCR (UK), FACOG (Assoc.), Chicago, Il, USA

  • Pr. David Cosgrove

    « You have created a most attractive package which offers much »

    Pr. David Cosgrove

    Radiologist, Imperial College, London

  • Docteur Gilles Grangé

    « The Sonoscanner U-Lite is quite impressive for its compact aspect and the quality of the image. Even though it is not of the same category, I dare to rank it among emergency or consultation ultrasound devices for its resolution.


    Docteur Gilles Grangé

    Maternity Ward Port-Royal, Paris, DIU Director, Obstetric Ultrasound Advisor to the Paris Public Hospitals Group (AP-HP)

  • Dr. Pierre-Henry Juan

    « To sum up, U-Lite perfectly matches with SOS Médecins’ needs. In the long term, all SOS Médecins’ physicians will be trained to perform ultrasound imaging at the bedside of patients.


    Dr. Pierre-Henry Juan

    President of SOS Médecins France