Discover Sonoscanner

  • Image Quality

    The Sonoscanner ultrasounds have an exceptional full HD images quality, allowing you to make detailed ad accurate dignoses

  • Portability

    Our ultrasounds are easy to take along, always at your fingertips when needed

  • Ergonomics

    Designes and developed for ou, the Sonoscanner Ultrasounds are simple to use, and adapt to your daily practice needs

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They Choose Sonoscanner

More than 4,400 physicians perform ultrasound on a daily basis with Sonoscanner

  • "The portability of my Sonoscanner ultrasound scanner allows me to use it also in home visits or in retirement homes: it is a considerable asset! It has become an indispensable tool for my work as a general practitioner."

    Doctor Jean-François Ricono
    General practitioner and sports doctor (France)

  • "I could not do without my Sonoscanner ultraportable ultrasound scanner in my daily practice. Ultrasound provides essential support in many common indications and helps advance the diagnosis."
    Doctor Yannick Lebret
    Emergency doctor (Switzerland)

  • "Sonoscanner ultrasound scanners are distinguished by their portability, their ergonomics and their unparalleled image quality. That's why we chose them from our special experiences."

    Professor Philippe Arbeille
    Doctor of the spaceman Thomas Pesquet (ISS)

  • "The U-Lite is made by the prfect combination of the latest developments in transducers, progress in computer technology and High Definition imagery."

    Professor Jason Birnholz MD

    FACR, FRCR, FACOG (Assoc)

    Radiologist (USA)

  • "The advantage of U-Lite is its size, it is a high performing piece of equipment that fits into your pocket. It is no longuer the patient that goes to the ultrasound, but the the Ultrasound that goes to the patient."

    Doctor Gilles Grangé

    OB-GYN (France)

  • "The U-Lite is a technological prowess, the image is exceptional. To have it at one's disposition makes the user want ot use it daily not only in consultation, but alos at bedside in the same way as a stethoscope."

    Professor Nicolas Thiounn

    Urologist (France)

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